Building A
Pain Powerhouse

Our Approach

We are taking lessons learned from other areas of medicine to bring a novel approach to treating pain. Using insights into the biology of pain and the knowledge mined from big data and translational science, we are focused on transforming pain management with real innovation.

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Leadership Team

Our company is led by a seasoned team of biotech and pharmaceutical drug developers and business executives with an impressive track record of success developing and bringing new drugs to market.

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Our Mission

At Centrexion, we are passionate about and committed to dramatically improving the treatment of chronic pain. Our team is solely focused on developing new, non-opioid and non-surgical treatments for moderate to severe chronic pain that address the safety and efficacy gaps in the current treatment paradigm.

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Why Pain?

We are addressing a substantial and growing problem globally – safe and effective pain management. Pain has long been a neglected target, and though scientists and the pharmaceutical industry has made great strides over the past 100 years, a serious unmet need in pain treatment remains. Despite the use of current therapies, millions of patients are still living with chronic, debilitating pain. We are looking to significantly reduce or eliminate that pain, overcoming the challenges in both the efficacy and side effects seen with current therapies.

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