Our Approach

A Novel Approach to Treating Pain

We are advancing one of the largest, exclusively pain-focused pipelines of novel non-opioid therapies in order to bridge the safety and efficacy gaps in current chronic pain treatment. Our most advanced therapeutic, CNTX-4975, is a based on our proprietary STRATI technology that provides rapid onset, high degree and long duration of relief from localized moderate to severe pain. CNTX-4975 is currently in late-stage development for the treatment of moderate to severe pain from Morton’s neuroma and osteoarthritis. It is also in Phase 3 clinical trials for canine osteoarthritis pain in pet dogs.

Our Strategy

At Centrexion, we’re redefining the study of new pain therapies by using a three-pronged approach:

  1. big data analytics to reveal the pain pathways where our analgesics will have the maximum therapeutic effect,
  2. translational science to validate the safety and efficacy of our therapies in companion animals with the same naturally-occurring chronic pain conditions as humans and
  3. proven, more efficient early-stage clinical trial strategies to inform and de-risk development.


By combining big data analytics with our existing translational medicine activities, such as our veterinary clinical studies, and our innovative clinical trial approach that capitalizes on advances made in disease areas such as oncology, we have a more fully informed basis for indication selection and clinical development of our pain treatments.

  • Our partnership with BioXcel, a pioneer in cloud-based pharma big data analytic solutions, provides a more informed, data driven approach to how we treat pain. Computer and expert analysis of extensive multidisciplinary databases of normal and disease processes provide valuable insights into the pain conditions for which our analgesics could be developed.
  • Through our programs in human and canine OA pain, we are uniquely positioned to better understand the safety and efficacy of CNTX-4975. Companion animals naturally suffer from OA, much like humans, and the development of a veterinary program in dogs allows us to obtain insights into the safety and efficacy of CNTX-4975 that will inform and guide the path for human development.
  • We are capitalizing on innovations from fields such as cancer drug development, leveraging early stage clinical trial designs to quickly and efficiently investigate multiple indications and identifying those that are most likely to respond to a particular treatment.

We believe this comprehensive approach uniquely positions us to more efficiently and effectively develop novel therapies to address a broad range of chronic pain indications.

Why Pain?

Chronic pain is a growing problem, not only in terms of the significant number of people that are impacted by chronic pain and the burden this places on our healthcare system, but also because of the abuse and addiction issues, as well as deaths, that have arisen from the high use of opioids to treat chronic pain.

Currently available non-opioid treatments, while avoiding the abuse and addiction issues associated with opioid treatments, offer limited pain relief, together with significant gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, central nervous system, renal and other adverse effects, including organ failure and death.

Centrexion Therapeutics is building a pain treatment powerhouse to address the substantial and growing global chronic pain epidemic.

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