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Pain Therapeutics

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Chronic Pain:
A Global Burden

According to the National Institutes of Health, over 40 million adults in the United States and over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain each year. Despite current therapeutics and interventions, pain continues to pose a significant burden to patients and the healthcare system on a global scale. The number of adults living with chronic pain in the United States annually exceeds those living with cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined, and approximately one quarter of these people endure severe pain on a daily basis.1

We are passionate and committed to addressing the substantial and growing chronic pain epidemic and aim to ease the burden that moderate to severe chronic pain places on patients and our healthcare system.

1Turk DC, et al, 2011. Lancet. Jun 25; 377(9784):2226-35.

living with
chronic pain

Big Data Analytics & Translational Science

We’re redefining the study of new pain therapies by using a three-pronged approach:

Big Data

Reveal the pain pathways where our therapies will have the maximum therapeutic effect


Turning observations into interventions by validating the safety and efficacy of our therapies in companion animals with the same naturally-occurring chronic pain conditions as humans

Innovate Early-Stage
Clinical Trials

Innovative, more efficient early-stage clinical trial strategies to inform and de-risk development

A Pain-Focused Pipeline

Our Focus

Our pipeline consists of novel, non-opioid therapies that are in development to potentially treat a broad array of chronic pain indications. We believe that our pipeline is uniquely positioned to address the limitations of currently-available therapies by providing safe, effective and durable pain treatment solutions.

Our Approach

We believe that the most effective way to treat chronic pain is through therapies that specifically target the origin of the pain signal and have taken an innovative and targeted approach to identifying treatments for chronic pain that leverages our understanding of the pathophysiology of pain. We strive to maximize each of our product candidate’s potential based on its unique mechanism of action related to the origin of the pain signal.

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